The secret ingredients that could make a Pixel Watch matter

The secret ingredients that could make a Pixel Watch matter

If we’re going to talk about a Pixel Watch, we need to get one thing straight right out of the gate: All signs suggest there is no Pixel Watch — not yet, anyway. As of this moment, there’s no reason to believe Google has any such product prepared to launch at its Oct. 15 hardware event. In fact, recent reports say a Pixel Watch isn’t on the agenda at all for this year — period.

But hang on: That isn’t the end of the story. It’s actually just the beginning.

Those same reports, y’see, also tell us a Pixel Watch was ready to be released three years ago, at Google’s first-ever Pixel-branded hardware hoedown in 2016. The company apparently had two LG-manufactured watches on its hands but decided to scrap ’em at the last minute, as they were deemed to be too underwhelming to bear the Pixel name.

If the details are to be believed, that decision was probably wise: The watches in question reportedly ended up being released under the LG brand as the LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style — devices that were decidedly ho-hum, with nothing meaningful that made ’em stand out or seem especially worthy of attention.

And that, sadly, sums up much of the smartwatch market today — more of the same, without any real excitement, inspiration, or convincing argument that this technology is something you truly want in your life. If Google’s gonna accomplish anything by releasing its own Pixel-branded device, it needs a product that pushes the form forward in some new, exciting, and inspired way. It needs something that isn’t just more of the same.

Well, here’s the kicker: Google has the ingredients for that very recipe in its possession right now. The only question is how — and when — it’s going to use ’em.

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