Ficus Interfaith 
Tyler Steinbrenner 
Luis Ludwig + Stephanie Kim

Ficus Interfaith Research & Properties is an American company specializing in the exploration of history, time, memory, and scent. Research is stimulated by “found” natural aesthetics and their influence on the contemporary condition, while Properties focuses on the complex amalgamation of nature and locality. Established in New York City, the company manufactures two lines of seeking tools: Everyday Scents—a diverse collection of custom potpourri blends—and Time Boxes, an ongoing sculptural investigation based on the contemporary time capsule that questions the productiveness of projecting a narrative history onto a future audience.

149 Canal St, New York


Green tea, wasabi peas, chili peppers, dandelions,oat seeds, locally foraged wheatgrass, wysteria tree, wet cardboard box


Ferrocement sculptures; wicker and concrete


Branded oranges, aluminum,
dimensions variable (20 pieces)


06–19      (04)

Tried and true
, Inkjet on Polypropylene, 36 x 48 inches. 1 of 3 

High Brow Low Fish Consumption (HBLFC)


High Brow Low Fish Consumption
Text by Tyler Steinbrenner
Ilustrations by Ficus Interfaith


“The difference between a drip and a drop is that a drop is a piece of a drip. An icicle is a drip and a drop at once.”

smallbabyicicles was a web project conceived by Ficus Interfaith, Stephanie Kim, and Luis Ludwig on the occasion of the exhibition. .

Ficus Interfaith

Confidence in heaven like it’s right now...
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Custom potpourri installation; Tried and true, Inkjet on Polypropylene, 36 x 48 inches.

Tyler Steinbrenner, HBLFC

Luis Ludwig + Stephanie Kim

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